Hi. I am Anne.  I help people get top scores on the TOEFL speaking exam.  The fluency skills they learn with me help them communicate more effectively when they attend their dream schools and university programs. I  have helped thousands of students around the world improve their speaking skills in English using research-based methods.  I am patient, encouraging, and passionate about teaching my students to become proficient English speakers.


What can I help you with?

I need to improve my English at work for career advancement.

I need a high score on the TOEFL IBT exam to get into the university of my dreams.



Learning another language is beneficial for the mind, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and is important for creativity and mental wellness. 


Learning English is a fun way to activate the full intellectual capabilities of your brain.  These linguistic experiences create positive memories.  


Working with a private teacher is the fastest, most efficient way to improve your fluency skills. The immediate corrections and close accompaniment of your progress help you build confidence quickly.  

travelFluency opens doors of opportunity to travel around the world, explore cultures, and take business trips with confidence.