The American Culture and Fluency Webinar 

Benefits of this webinar for participants:

    • Become aware of how cultural norms and values shape interaction in conversations with Americans.
    • Start a conversation with confidence in the first 2 minutes of meeting someone in the USA.
    • Feel more confident with several phrases you can say naturally and quickly to spark conversation.
    • Become familiar with the 6 most commonly used idioms and expressions for day-to-day tasks and start using them confidently with Americans.
    • Build rapport with Americans through language, expressions, and non-verbal communication.
    • Take advantage of eye contact, gestures, and handshakes to build positive relationships at work and in the community. 
    • Practical and motivational strategies for integrating into the community or team at work, or both.

Who is this webinar for?

  • You’re an international professional who works in the USA or who plans on travelling to the USA for work or study.
  • If English isn’t your first language and you want to improve your pronunciation and communication skills.
  • You want to understand American culture better to make friends, meet people, and build lasting relationships in the USA.
  • You have an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English and want to improve your fluency and use a system to decode cultural situations so they will feel more at ease.

Topic: Mastering Small Talk: Effective Communication in the First 2 Minutes of Conversation

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 3 strategies to help you improve the first 2 minutes of a conversation 
  • 5 effective expressions and idioms to use in small talk
  • 3 effective questions to start the conversation rolling
  • 3 active listening strategies
  • `How to use non-verbal communication: eye contact, gestures, handshakes 
  • 3 fast, appropriate compliments to break the ice 

What’s included?

  • The recording
  • An interactive guide for taking notes during the webinar.
  • A PDF of the slide presentation from the webinar
  • an interactive guide to take notes during the webinar