Phrasal Verbs with Give Quiz

To Give Away To give something away= to give something you no longer need to a person or an organization as a gift or a donation. For example, “I am going to give some of my old clothes away this weekend.” 2. To give something away=to reveal a secret, often accidentally. For example, “Jeff gave …

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7 Phrasal Verbs with Blow

Phrasal Verbs with Blow 1. Blow Away These phrasal verbs with blow are very fun to use in conversation.  In American English we use the word “blow” more often than you would think and it even as become popular in American slang.  In fact, you can say, “That blows” if you want to communicate that …

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How to Speak Proper English

Have you reached a plateau with your fluency? My students explain that they reach a certain level with their fluency.  However, they can’t get to the point where they sound like a native speaker.  They read for hours in English, do listening activities, and do grammar exercises.  Nonetheless, when they speak, they don’t sound as …

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