How to Speak Proper English

Have you reached a plateau with your fluency? My students explain that they reach a certain level with their fluency.  However, they can’t get to the point where they sound like a native speaker.  They read for hours in English, do listening activities, and do grammar exercises.  Nonetheless, when they speak, they don’t sound as …

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Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

As soon as we open our mouth, we feel our chest tighten, we freeze up, and we can’t get words out.  Our cheeks turn red and we look down in embarrassment.  Does this sound like a familiar feeling?  We feel these typical fears when we speak a second language:  FEAR OF… making mistakes people not …

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Common Idioms with Body Parts: Practice Exercises

Add Flavor to your Conversations with Idioms Idioms are common expressions used in everyday life in the United States.  They are fun expressions to use in spoken English because they add creativity and vibrancy to your conversations. They demonstrate your fluency skills and help you sound more like a native speaker. Today, we are going …

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Aprender inglés en 4 minutos diarios

Aprender inglés en 4 minutos diarios  ¿No estás motivado para estudiar inglés? Muchos de mis alumnos en España expresan este sentimiento de querer mejorar el inglés, pero tienen un cierto rechazo al idioma.  La pronunciación es difícil y han tenido malas experiencias en el instituto con profesores aburridos que les han dado demasiadas actividades de …

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8 Idioms with World

Pronouncing the Word World Recently, one of my students told me the word “world” was very difficult for him to pronounce.  As I thought back to some of my first English students in Brazil, I remembered how difficult this word was for them to pronounce as well.  It is a common word in English and …

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the verb get in English

The Verb Get in Spoken English: Key Expressions

One of the most commonly used verbs in English is the verb “get.”  Many of my students come to me looking confused by the verb “get.” They realize it is used constantly in spoken English with prepositions, nouns and adjectives, but they aren’t quite sure how to use “get” confidently when they speak English.  I …

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