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Phrasal Verbs with Give Quiz


To Give Away

  1. To give something away= to give something you no longer need to a person or an organization as a gift or a donation.

For example, “I am going to give some of my old clothes away this weekend.”

2. To give something away=to reveal a secret, often accidentally.

For example, “Jeff gave away the surprise birthday party and basically told everyone he knew about it.”

3. To give away someone= to hand over the bride to the groom on their wedding day, usually performed by the father of the bride.

For example, “Bradley gave his daughter away to Simon on their wedding day.”

4. To give yourself away= to accidentally tell or share some news that you wanted to keep private.  

For example, “Susana was pregnant, but she was keeping it a secret.  She gave herself away by rubbing her belly continuously.”

To Give Back

  1. To give something back to someone=to return something to someone.

For example, “Timmy gave his pencil back to Quin.”

2. To give back=to donate time or money to help society.

For example, “We decided to give back to the community and organize a tree  planting in the local park.”


To Give In

  • To give in= To agree to do something even though you don’t really want to do it.  For example, “My son always begs me to take him to the mall until I give in.”

To Give Out

  • To give out= To distribute flyers, papers, and worksheets to people. For example, “The workers gave out the flyers about the labor rights protest on Sunday.”
  • To give out on= to stop working. “My coffee grinder gave out on me last week.”

To Give Up

  • To give something up=to stop doing an activity that you regularly do. For example, “Brian gave up beer because it was giving him a stomach ache.”
  • To give up on someone=to no longer be concerned with a person and what they decide to do. For example, “I gave up on Seth because I realized he wasn’t going to take my advice about getting off drugs.”


To Give Off

  • To give off=to radiate or emanate. For example, “The sewage system is giving off a bad smell.”phrasal-verbs-give

To Give Forth

  • To give forth=to emit or release something. For example, “The roses give forth an uplifting fragrance.”

To Give Over

  • To give over=to deliver a person to the authorities. For example, “The teen gave over her neighbor to the authorities because he had been seen robbing someone in the street.”   
  • To give over=to transfer control or to hand over.  For example, “The small fruit company wasn’t doing well and was given over to the larger, international company.”

Phrasal Verbs with Give Quiz

Test your Knowledge of these Phrasal Verbs with Give


Do you want to learn more about phrasal verbs? Check out this awesome Youtube video: 

Conversation Questions with Phrasal Verbs:

1) Do you give up easily or are you persistent?
2) What kitchen appliance recently gave out on you (broke)?
3) Do you give in easily when other people want to do something that you don’t really want to do or do you “stick to your guns?” “Stick to your guns” is an expression that means you refuse to compromise or change your mind.
4) What is one bad habit you want to give up this year?
5) How often do you give clothes away?
6) Is it more likely for you to keep a secret or give away a secret?
7) Do you give back to your community and volunteer or donate money to local organizations?



Phrasal Verb Exercises with Take

9 Images to Help you Learn Phrasal Verbs with Take

There are many different uses of the same phrasal verb, which can be confusing for English language learners.  For example, “take off” can apply to removing shoes and clothes, but it can also be about an airplane departing and flying up into the sky.  In fact, there are seven different ways of using the phrasal verb “take up,” for example. 

So, in order to minimize confusion, I tried to put some visual images with the phrasal verbs so that students can remember them more easily.  The list below doesn’t cover all the phrasal verbs with take, but it does show some of the most common phrasal verbs. 

Here is a list of many common phrasal verbs with TAKE:


A fun dialogue that mixes a number of phrasal verbs with TAKE: 

Mary: Did you take out the trash?

Sandy: Yes. I took out the trash and recycling this morning. 

Mary. Thanks a lot! Did you take apart the bike yet to see why the brakes aren’t working properly? 

Sandy: I haven’t taken that job on yet, but I think I’ll take care of it later today when I’ve got a sec. 

Mary: That would be fantastic. We could go for a bike ride on Sunday and take advantage of the great weather.  

Sandy: That is such a great idea.  I think I’ll take you up on that offer. 

Mary: We could even take some food to the park and have a picnic and invite a few friends.  

Sandy: The other day Robert told me he had taken up the guitar, so we could ask him to bring  his guitar to the park.  

Mary: That sounds like fun, but it might take up too much time.  I have to study for an English exam on Sunday night. 

Sandy: Well, you can always leave early! I’m just excited to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. 

Mary: Yeah. Me too. I want to take in the smell of freshly cut grass and enjoy the sun because I’ve been spending way too much time indoors.  

Sandy: I hear ya!  I look forward to doing this. I’ll call you tomorrow.  

Mary: See ya later! 

Welcome to your Take Dialogue Comprehension Check


Mary asked Sandy if she had taken________ the trash.


When you accept an offer or a plan, you take someone ______ on the offer.


Robert told his friends he had taken _____ playing the guitar.


Mary says she wants to take ____ the smell of fresh grass at the park.


Sandy intends to take ______ the bike to check the brakes.


9 Examples of Phrasal Verbs with Take with Mini-Dialogues:

Example #1: TAKE OUT



Jeff: Did you take out the trash and recycling yesterday.

Jim: Of course. Didn’t you notice that the kitchen smells so much better.


Example #2: TAKE OFF



Jake: Could you please take off your shoes before you come inside?

Bob: Sure. No problem. I’ll take them off and put them on the shoe rack.


Example #3: TAKE OFF



Susan: What time did your plane take off?

Sally: It took off around 9:30pm.


Example #4: TAKE DOWN



Anne: Can you please take down my flight information so that we don’t loose it!

Jim: Of course. I will write it down on a post-it note.


Example #5: Take Someone Out



Bert: Hey Jill, can I take you out to a Japanese restaurant on Saturday night?

Jill: I’d love that. Thanks. I’ll take you up on that offer!


Example #6: Take Up



Shannon: Did you hear that Sam has taken up playing the guitar?

Thom: I know! I hear him practicing the guitar every day at 11am.


Example #7: TAKE IN



Bella: When I saw the waterfall for the first time, I took in the beauty that surrounded me and felt so much freedom and happiness. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Jenny: Wow! That’s amazing.  Can we go there sometime together?


Example #8: TAKE ON



Amber: My boss designated a new environmental project to our team.  We are going to take it on.

Seth: That sounds thrilling! Congratulations.


Example #9: TAKE OVER


Ben: The citizens are taking over the city because they are fed up with police using violence against African-Americans and people of color.

Tod: The situation is quite disturbing.  I hope the violence ends because we’ve all had enough.


Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs with Take Exercises


I am so busy tomorrow and I am afraid eating lunch is going to take _____ a lot of time, so I'll just pack a sandwich to eat quickly.


I think we should take _____ this watch and see which part is broken.  That way, we can replace the broken piece and fix it.


This poster is old and out of style. I would like to take it _______ and replace it with a more modern painting.


I want to offer you a deal and give you a discount on my membership.  Do you want to take me ______ on the offer?


We need to take _______ the trash because it stinks.


Today is so gorgeous and sunny. I just want to take ___ this moment and enjoy it.


I need to take ______ your phone number and address so that I don't forget it.


Have you taken ____ any new projects at work? You look overwhelmed!


We have to get you to the airport and drop you off at least three hours before your plane takes _______.


Last month, I took _____ knitting and this month, I'll explore more new hobbies!


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