Is Your English Getting Rusty?

Do you have an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English? Have you studied English grammar your entire life?.   Now, you need help with speaking and with sounding natural and fluent when communicating.  This is an academy for people who realize that fluency is a journey, not a destination and that we need to continuously practice the language to improve our speaking skills.

You probably feel fairly confident holding a conversation, but find yourself making more mistakes than you’d like to when you speak.  You feel like your English is getting rusty.  Nevertheless, you REALLY need English for your career and future work.  


How will this program benefit you?

  • Practice using common expressions in conversation
  • Build confidence while speaking English
  • Learn how to say things in multiple ways so you have more options under pressure
  • Become aware of common mistakes you’re making and stop making them
  • Talk about stimulating, current topics
  • Get the support and guidance of an experienced teacher
  • Surround yourself with the motivation of a group
  • Save time by avoiding going to an English academy
  • Feel a sense of pride in yourself for moving toward your fluency goals

Once a week, you’ll get: 

  • A 15-minute conversation with a partner with teacher corrections (audio and written)
  • Member-exclusive weekly content on the website to spark conversation
  • Access to a Whatsapp group to ask questions and get updates

FAQs= Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Infinity Fluency Academy?

The Infinity Fluency Academy is an online membership for students who want to practice their English with other students and with the guidance of a teacher.  Also, you may want to connect with other students and speak with a conversation partner as well. 

How do we get a conversation partner?

In the Whatsapp group, you will be assigned a conversation partner. You will meet with your conversation partner 1x per week for a 15-minute call.  Then, you will record the conversation on Zoom. I’ll listen to it and give you 3-4 tips on ways to improve your fluency and vocabulary.  

Where do we meet? 

We meet on zoom 1 time per week. We will practice in breakout rooms in small groups and the teacher will give corrections.  You will also meet your conversation partner in a zoom room and record the conversation.

What are the days and times?
We meet on Fridays at 12 (Madrid), 7am Sao Paulo, and 7pm Seoul

What kind of materials are in the Academy? 

In the academy, you will receive weekly content: listening, vocabulary, and reading activities. You can study vocabulary and do a listening activity with a dictation (fill-in-the blanks) or a quiz. Then, you can practice the conversation questions with members in the academy. We usually watch a TED talk video with our conversation partners.  The materials are designed for people who have busy schedules. 

sample audio file:

Who is in the Infinity Fluency Academy? 

There are currently students from Brazil, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and Ecuador in the club.  Students have an upper-intermediate to advanced level.  

How can I get in the Infinity Fluency Academy? 

It is best to apply for the membership first and then I can make sure you have the correct link to pay for the club.  Make sure your English level is B2-C1 before joining. 

Why is the membership so cheap?

The price is currently at $20 a month, but the club is in BETA (testing mode) and the price will go up.

How can I pay for the club?

Apply for the Infinity fluency academy here