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Online English Classes and Services

I offer a variety of online classes such as: TOEFL IBT exam preparation, English for Career Advancement, Messenger Classes, and Writing Coaching. Please click here to fill out this form for more information.

Is this you?

  • Do you have an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English? Have you studied English grammar your entire life?.   Now, you need help with speaking and with sounding natural and fluent when communicating.
  • Essentially, you need more practice speaking and making speaking a habit to improve your fluency skills every day.  You want to be able to respond quickly and think on the spot, sounding great when you speak English. 
  • You probably feel fairly confident holding a conversation, but find yourself making more mistakes than you’d like to when you speak.  You feel like your English is getting rusty.  Nevertheless, you REALLY need English for your career and future work.  

What makes my classes so helpful? 

  • In our classes, we will focus on pronunciation and intonation so that your English sounds as natural and fluent as possible.  
  • To help you improve more efficiently, I use audio corrections in google docs, so that you can go back and refer to the corrections to review and practice. 
  • Also, we will work on practicing sentence variation, so that your English sounds fantastic and impressive.
  • I do a lot of work with vocabulary and synonyms, helping students learn and use new, more advanced words in their conversations.  
  • Also, I use resources that are visually appealing, which helps students learn information more easily and ENJOY the exam preparation process even more!
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