Route 66 Phrasal Verbs Email Course: 4 emails/ 4 weeks




You will feel more confident using phrasal verbs in conversation and in spoken English with this fun email course.  You will feel like your fluency is skyrocketing because suddenly you have motivation and guidance to uplevel your English skills.

  • The information is presented through a short video explanation of some key phrasal verbs and common expressions. The videos are around 5 minutes long and show you natural and common ways these expressions and verbs are used in conversation.
  • In addition, you can do listen to a native speaker pronounce them correctly and use them appropriately in real-world scenarios. You won’t believe how proud of yourself you will feel when you start using them in everyday conversations.
  • A colorful PDF will motivate you to stay focused and enjoy the learning process.
  • Listening to each audio clip while reading the PDF is an amazing way to work on your intonation because you can do mirroring drills and imitate how a native speaker sounds.
  • Explore American culture and lifestyle by reading about this incredible and famous route that goes from Chicago to Los Angeles.


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