Phrasal Verbs Email Course (4 weeks/ 4 emails)


This is what the PDF looks like.  It is designed to be easy-to-follow and help you improve efficiency without spending hours reading a boring textbook.



Do phrasal verbs confuse you? Join me for a four-week email course! In this course, you will improve your fluency and speaking skills in English.  We will practice using phrasal verbs in everyday life situations.  You will become familiar with using phrasal verbs by watching short videos, doing dictation activities, reading, and answering conversation questions.  You will receive one email per week for a total of 4 weeks, which will help you stay focused and motivated to improve your English.  The email contains a short video with me explaining the phrasal verbs, role-play scenarios with audio that you can listen to and practice at home.  In addition, you will receive a phrasal verbs PDF with audio that you can listen to while you walk your dog or wash the dishes.  Then, you can pause the audio and repeat sentences and phrases, strengthening your fluency skills!

This course is for B2-C1 students (upper-intermediate to advanced) who feel like their English is getting rusty because they don’t speak it enough or practice it enough.  If you want an extra challenge and want to improve your speaking skills and use of English in conversation, then you will love this email course and you will get a LOT of great expressions, ideas for saying things naturally, and practice with pronunciation.

Gain confidence in English! Practice English daily! Speak English and have fun learning!

Here is what the course material looks like:

Email Week 1:

Video Content:

PDF= A short, easy-to-follow document that you can print out or read on your tablet to help you understand each phrasal verb with sample sentences.

An audio clip so that you can listen to a paragraph where phrasal verbs are used naturally. You can fill in the blank as you hear the correct answer.  Then, you can practice reading the paragraph out loud.

Sample Audio clip from week 2:

Also, you will have access to short, 4-minute lectures each week about the phrasal verbs we are practicing and how to use them.  You might find the videos useful to train your listening skills (it’s always fun to listen to a native English speaker) and to practice using phrasal verbs in conversation.  These are Youtube videos with a private link only for those in the course:

phrasal verb video course

What can you expect from the course? You can expect great resources that motivate you to improve your fluency in English one day at a time.


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