TOEFL IBT Study Planner


This planner will help you create a focused study plan to help you achieve your TOEFL IBT goals and future dreams.


Do you need a TOEFL study plan? Go from not having a clear plan or study schedule, to prioritizing your goals and organizing your study routine.

✅This planner is a 17 page printable that has a TOEFL goal score page to help you stay focused.

➡️There is a monthly page that allows you to write in the month, the days, and key events that month to be aware of. This is ideal because you can use the planner year after year.

➡️The weekly tracker has an area to set your weekly goals and the days of the week so that you can organize your TOEFL study plan on a weekly basis.

The daily page has an area for your top 3 study priorities, a daily plan with spaces to write the time and the agenda for that day, tasks with priority markers (A,B,C), boxes for tasks & notes, what to move to tomorrow, a “move and connect” box to write down workout plans or meet-ups with friends, a check-list for the glasses of water you have consumed, and a small area to write down any healthy food choices.

✏️In addition, there are bonus study pages. There is a 6-day preparation plan page, a sticky note tracker, a study reflection page, a study progress tracker, a TOEFL score tracker, a review page, a study guide page, a definitions page, a vocabulary list page, To Do List check-lists, and notes pages.

I recommend you plan your study routine. Many people need at least 3 months to study and prepare for the TOEFL exam. So, you could print out 3 monthly pages, 12 weekly pages, and 45 daily pages (printed back-to-back) and then determine what study and review pages you would like multiple copies of. Then, you could bind the planner in a cute binder or have a copy store put a plastic binding on it for you.

If you would like this in google slides to use digitally, please let me know and I will make this available in a digital format.

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