How can the Speaking Review Help You?

Do you want to go from below 20 to above 25 in TOEFL Speaking? In this review, you will build your confidence, fluency, and vocabulary skills while practicing and preparing for the exam.  Do you sometimes feel like you repeat the same words over and over again? Are you unsure of when you need more informal language and when you need academic vocabulary for the TOEFL speaking exam? This review will help you determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can use vocabulary to increase your score on the speaking exam and get into the university program of your dreams.

What is included in the review?

You will receive detailed comments and pronunciation tips in a google document.  I will give you some ideas for synonyms or for ways of saying things differently so that you have an idea of how to use more advanced vocabulary in your responses.  Your use of language will SKYROCKET after doing this review and you’ll feel more confident and prepared for the speaking exam.

You might say something like, “I had a fun time at my birthday party last year.”  I will give you suggestions with audio comments, helping you find different ways to say that to help you sound more fluent such as: “I was over the moon at my birthday party last year,” or “I had the time of my life at my birthday party last year,” or “My birthday party last year was absolutely fabulous for the following reasons…”

Here is what the written and voice comments look like in the google document:

On the ETS website, you can also take a practice speaking test and get some computerized feedback and the computer system will give you a score.  However, you don’t get any extra vocabulary or additional help with pronunciation, which is what makes this review so much more helpful and practical.

1 powerpoint presentation with instructions and 4 different speaking prompts.

1 Personal Experience Questions Prompt

1 Campus Matters Prompt + audio

1 Integrated Reading/Lecture Prompt + audio

1 Lecture Prompt + audio

Steps: Pay for the review and download the PDF and audio files.

2. Read the clear, step-by-step instructions

3. Then, prepare your responses by taking notes and getting ready to record your voice.

4. Send me your audio clips all in one email or via Whatsapp.

5. Wait 24 hours for me to send you detailed written and audio feedback in a google document.

6. Review the corrections and practice the new vocabulary.

7. Get a TOP score on your TOEFL speaking exam!




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