Phrasal Verbs with Take Exercises

Welcome to your Phrasal Verbs with Take Exercises


I am so busy tomorrow and I am afraid eating lunch is going to take _____ a lot of time, so I'll just pack a sandwich to eat quickly.


I think we should take _____ this watch and see which part is broken.  That way, we can replace the broken piece and fix it.


This poster is old and out of style. I would like to take it _______ and replace it with a more modern painting.


I want to offer you a deal and give you a discount on my membership.  Do you want to take me ______ on the offer?


We need to take _______ the trash because it stinks.


Today is so gorgeous and sunny. I just want to take ___ this moment and enjoy it.


I need to take ______ your phone number and address so that I don't forget it.


Have you taken ____ any new projects at work? You look overwhelmed!


We have to get you to the airport and drop you off at least three hours before your plane takes _______.


Last month, I took _____ knitting and this month, I'll explore more new hobbies!

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