Prepositions Practice

Welcome to your Prepositions Practice


1. The intensity _____ competition has led more companies to strengthen their brands.

2. Our success in the industry depends ____ a range of factors.

3. There is extreme pressure ___ the company to publish engaging content.

4. We don't have the necessary technological tools to compete ___ the same level as other companies that are leading in the industry.

5. The security department failed to recognise the threat ___ hackers on the system.

6. The two departments were competing ____ recognition and positive client ratings.

7. There have been many changes ___ the field of technology over the past 50 years.

8. The human relations department has a good understanding ___ the hiring and firing protocol.

9. Is this book about fashion and design available ___ English?

Can you call him and check and see if he is available ___ meet on March 31st?

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